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I had the system installed about 4 years ago and have been very pleased with the product, but even more pleased with the wonderful service th at you get from BuzzFree folks.

— George H. Dunklin, Jr.

Professional Installation

The best product in the world is rendered meaningless without the right design, installation and service. Because if the best product in the world isn’t installed properly or serviced adequately, how can it function as the best product?

At Buzz FREE™ Mosquito, we know when insects are active and how to kill and repel these pests.  We're confident that our products are the best available and that our design, installation and service combine to provide the ultimate deployment of those products.

We have the most detailed installation and service-training manuals and programs in the industry, and work with some of the most respected architects, landscape architects and builders in Arkansas. We're constantly working to find new and improved ways to install effective systems that are virtually impossible to detect.

We have credentials. Our staff entomologist has studied and researched numerous products and knows how they impact our families, pets and the environment. Our solution to outdoor misting insect control is based on this research and in accordance with sound environmental practices.

We have experience. Four members of our team have a combined average of 30 years' experience in consulting, procurement and application of products regulated by the EPA. We have the knowledge along with industry and university colleagues to call upon to solve most insect issues.

Free Consultations

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